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Customer Testimonials

Quotes I'm hooked on this CTH "Gut Grenade" buzz bait justlike the fish are!! This is the first time I've used this lure and I love it!! Quotes
Jared Laiche

Quotes I wore the reds out on your Barking Spider Swim Jig Friday afternoon. Perfect lure for shallow water red fish when spinnerbaits & spoons spook them. All you gotta do is put a 3" Gulp shrimp tail on it & hold on! I need to order some more! Quotes
Bradley Matte
Cajun Tackle House Customer - Morgan City, LA

Quotes Wooow! That's the only word to describe the thumper humper spinnerbait from Cajun tackle house! The thin wire and rubber skirt design gives the bait an excellent combination of vibration and pump coming through the water. Bass absolutely LOVE this spinnerbait! I had great success on Blind river Saturday with 4 people in our boat and everyone quickly changed to my thumper humper once they seen the damage being done! And when the morning bite came to an end I switched to a blue black and orange bohica jig that has an incredible hook design and was able to punch through the grass and manuver easily through the thick tember on the bottom. Fish cannot resist this bait! Thanks for the baits Jacob I will be purchasing more very soon! Great products!!! Quotes
Beau Martrain
CTH Customer

Quotes "Adding the Cajun Tackle House line of terminal tackle & baits has really added some excitement to our tackle assortment for area anglers" Quotes
Tommy Parsons
Owner - Speedy Junction

Quotes Cajun Tackle House's Donkey Punch Skirts are unlike anything I have ever fished before. They truly give your soft plastics a completly different look to any Texas rigged plastic. I love the concept, and they work! Quotes
Lyle Johnson
Ascension Outdoors TV Host

Quotes "the Cajun Tackle House BOHICA flipping jig is the perfect jig for fishing South Louisiana! I am tearing the bass up in Venice with it, and when I come home to the basin and marsh, the fish cant lay off of it. It is a truly versatile jig in that it can be flipped or swam. I'll be getting more soon!" Quotes
Brandon Scott, Lutcher La
Bullet Bass Club Member

Quotes On the CTH Whispering Eye Quiver Jig: "the Whispering Eye is the real deal! I got to an area at mid river. A fellow angler was sitting on it & said he had caught nothing, so he was leaving. I pulled up & caught 4 keepers with the Whispering Eye after he left. Then, a guy pulls right in front of me beating the hell out of the next pier. He catches nothing as he moves down. I then proceed to move down fishing the same piers he had just hit, and I pull 5 fish off those same very piers. All five were weigh fish. He had to be like what the hell?" Quotes
Clint Rabalais
CTH Customer - Denham Springs, LA

Quotes Hey CTH! I was talking to some fellow anglers before a tournament the other morning about your Thumper Humper spinnerbaits, and I ended up catching all my fish in the classic on it. I placed 2nd, in the whole tourney. I was using the pearl white color. Included is a picture of my biggest fish of the day! Your baits also helped in my 4th place finish in our AOY race in my club! Quotes
Cole Willis - Alabama
Cajun Tackle House Customer

Quotes Hey guys! We had tough tournament this past weekend, but still managed to finish 18th out of 65.We caught our fish flipping grass mats with your "Skull Dragger" flipping hook, and want to let you know that this hook is rediculous! Used the same hook the whole time, and never had a problem! Quotes
Jordan Lee
Auburn University Fishing Team

Quotes "LOVE the Whispering eye. An amazing fish catching machine! There's nothing like throwing the Whispering Eye and having a big "slaunch" knocking the fire out of it. It's just to hard to explain, you guys have to stock up the tackle box with this bait. Also i love the B.O.H.I.C.A. Flipping Jigs, super easy to throw into heavy cover and no hang ups. I love all the baits!! Quotes
Joel Mayer
CTH Pro Staff