Rise and Shine, It's Fishin' Time!


     We would like to thank you for visiting Cajun Tackle House, home of the original, Thumper Humper spinnerbaits & B.O.H.I.C.A. bass jigs. We here at Cajun Tackle House are just like you, the customer.  We take every chance available to hit the water just like you.  We are the tournament fisherman, just like you.  And just like you, we want to fish the best tackle available on the market today, but at the same time, make it better by listening to our customers needs & feedback. 

     Located in South Louisiana, Cajun Tackle House is locally owned and operated tackle business that believes in offering fisherman a product that is built to our customers specifications with only the best materials available, and tested on the water so that we can deliver to each customer a product that will withstand any conditions you may endure while out on the water.  

      Our mission is to offer bass fishing enthusiast , whether a weekend angler or a serious tournament  angler, an opportunity to fish the latest technology on the market today. We do not have paid endorsements or celebrities, only serious fisherman & bass clubs who love the sport of bass fishing for what it is, and can't wait for that next big tournament for a chance at being named best in their field. 

     We will continue to bring our customers innovative products that are state of the art and with only pristine craftsmanship, and strive to offer each and every customer we serve with the best customer service possible. And finally we will do our best to fill our customers orders promptly and as accurately as possible. 

     From all of us here at Cajun Tackle House, we thank you for your business, and wish you the best of days on the water!

With the Kindest Regards,

Cajun Tackle House Staff